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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Supervising Mineral Products Operations

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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Supervising Mineral Products Operations

Qualification Number: 603/6780/5
Total Qualification Time: 650
Credit Value: 65
Guided Learning Hours: 297

This qualification has been designed for individuals who are competent at Level 2 and now have increased responsibility, but are not yet in a position to undertake the Level 4 Safety, Health and Environmental Management qualification.

Qualification Datasheet
Full information about this qualification can be found in the qualification datasheet.

Qualification Units
M/615/2448 Contribute to and Promote a Positive Safety, Health and Environmental Culture
H/618/5298 Solve Operational Problems
H/615/9185 Lead the Work of Teams and Individuals to Achieve Objectives
L/616/7944 Manage Physical Resources for Workplace Activities
K/618/5299 Implement Workplace Activities in Mineral Products Operations
R/618/5300 Maintain Efficient and Effective Working Relationships
R/617/8637 Carry Out Routine Maintenance on Plant and Equipment
Y/618/5301 Contribute to the Deployment of Plant and Equipment for Processing Operations
A/615/2453 Quarrying Health, Safety and Environmental Aspects

If you are interested in accessing this qualification or offering it as an Approved Centre, please email [email protected].

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