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Blasting Scheme



Blasting Operations are one of the most hazardous roles within a quarrying environment. The Quarry Regulations (1999) recognised this and MPQC have worked with the industry to devlop a robust system that enables individuals to gain the essential knowledge and skills resulting in a nationally recognised qualification, as well as providing access to appropriate CPD provision.

Vocational Qualification

Learners must undertake a relevant Vocational Qualification. There are a number of relevant Vocational Qualifications covering the following areas:

  • Shotfiring
  • Blast Design
  • Profiling
  • Storage
  • Explosive Supervision
  • Bulk Explosive Truck Operations
  • Drilling

A Vocational Qualification confirms competence as these qualifications are assessed on-site under normal working conditions. On achievement of a VQ a Blasting Operations Card will be issued. These cards have an expiry date of 5 years.


Blasting Audits and Examinations

Blasting Audits

Prior to the Blasting Operations Card expiry date, an on-site Blasting Audit must be conducted to demonstrate ongoing professional competence. The audit is conducted by one of MPQC’s approved Blasting Auditors



Examinations are provided by MPQC and are only available via one of our MPQC Approved Training Providers who offer access to the examination/s as part of any Accredited course.


Resources – Blasting Booklets

We offer a set of 6 booklets that are designed to provide Operators with essential guidance. The full set is available for £50 by contacting the below number or email address.


Get in touch

For a list of Approved Training Providers or for information on any aspect of the Blasting Competency Scheme, please contact the Administrator on 0115 972 6121 or info@mpawards.co.uk