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Plant Scheme

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The MPQC Plant Operator Competency Scheme is managed by MP Awards on behalf of the Sector. The Scheme, which has been established since 1982, has a strong and well recognised brand that is valued across the Sector.

MPQC is responsible for providing the overall standards to be applied to the delivery and certification of the Scheme.


What does the MPQC Plant Operator Competency Scheme Cover?

The MPQC Plant Operator Competency Scheme covers training, skills, knowledge, qualifications, competence and ongoing CPD.

The Scheme is operated on the following:

Common standards and checklists

  • Independently managed
  • Open access for all within the Sector
  • Rigorous quality assurance of Approved Training Providers, Assessors, systems and processes


Plant assessments

Anyone carrying out Plant Assessments to award the Red and Blue Cards of the Plant Operator Scheme will have to:

Undergo an initial approval

Demonstrate that they are operating to the exacting standards of the Scheme.

Plant Scheme Data Protection Policy

More Information...

For further details on how to become a training provider or any other aspect of the MPQC Plant Operator Competency Scheme, please contact Head office on 0115 972 6121 or by email info@mpawards.co.uk