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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Weighbridge Operations

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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Weighbridge Operations
Qualification Number: 601/8632/X
Total Qualification Time: 390
Credit Value: 39
Guided Learning Hours: 142

This qualification is for candidates who work in extractives or minerals processing sites operating a weighbridge.

Qualification Datasheet
Full information about this qualification can be found in the qualification datasheet Level 3 Diploma in Weighbridge Operations v9

Qualification Units
Y/617/3793 Conform to General Workplace Safety and Security
Y/617/3794 Conform to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace
D/617/3795 Monitor and Maintain Environmental Conditions in Own Area of Responsibility
Y/508/2966 Manage the Movement of Loads
L/508/2964 Operate the Weighbridge
R/508/1593 Lead the Work of Teams and Individuals to Achieve Objectives in Extractives and Mineral Processing Industries
A/508/2975 Control the Sale of Stocked Materials or Products
D/508/2967 Organise the Transporting of Loads
H/508/2968 Contribute to the Provision of Customer Service
J/508/2977 Direct the Movement of Vehicles and Maintain Driver/Crew Compliance with Operational Requirements on Site

If you are interested in accessing this qualification or offering it as an Approved Centre, please email [email protected].