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MPQC Level 3 Certificate in Bulk Explosive Truck Operations

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MPQC Level 3 Certificate in Bulk Explosive Truck Operations

Qualification Number: 603/1025/5
Total Qualification Time: 220
Credit Value: 22
Guided Learning Hours: 123

This qualification applies to all blasting operational situations where constituent components are transported in bulk and are then mixed in a blast hole to form explosives.

Qualification Datasheet
Full information about this qualification can be found in the qualification datasheet

Qualification Units
T/615/4606 Contributing to Maintaining Health, Safety and Environmental Practices in the Blasting Environment
F/615/4611 Contribute to an Efficient and Effective Drilling or Blasting Environment
Y/615/4615 Delivering Bulk Explosives to Blast Location
R/615/4614 Preparing Bulk Explosive Truck for Deliveries
D/615/4616 Loading Blast Holes with Bulk Explosive to Blast Specification
H/615/4617 Receiving, Transporting and Issuing Explosive Materials

If you are interested in accessing this qualification or offering it as an Approved Centre, please email [email protected].