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MPQC Level 2 Diploma in Mineral Products Processing Operations

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MPQC Level 2 Diploma in Mineral Products Processing Operations
Qualification Number: 603/5256/5
Total Qualification Time: 580
Credit Value: 58
Guided Learning Hours: 323

This qualification is for candidates who operate and control plant and machinery for processes that add value to extracted solid rocks and minerals, and the recycling of materials to replace extracted materials.

Qualification Datasheet
Full information about this qualification can be found in the qualification datasheet

Qualification Units
R/617/3793 Conform to General Workplace Safety and Security
Y/617/3794 Conform to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace
D/617/3795 Monitor and Maintain Environmental Conditions in Own Area of Responsibility
J/617/8635 Run and Control the Operations of Processing Plant
L/617/8636 Process Materials to Specification

If you are interested in accessing this qualification or offering it as an Approved Centre, please email [email protected].

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