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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Maintenance for Mineral Products Operations

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MPQC Level 3 Diploma in Maintenance for Mineral Products Operations

Qualification Number: 603/7397/0
Total Qualification Time: 630
Credit Value: 63
Guided Learning Hours: 260

This competence qualification is designed for those individuals who carry out maintenance and/or fabrication activities in the extractives (quarrying, mineral processing, associated manufacturing and distribution) industries.

Qualification Datasheet

Full information about this qualification can be found in the qualification datasheet

Qualification Units

R/617/3793 Conform to General Workplace Safety and Security

Y/617/3794 Conform to Efficient Working Practices in the Workplace

D/617/3795 Monitor and Maintain Environmental Conditions in Own Area of Responsibility

Y/616/7073 Working Safely on Equipment in Mineral Products Operations

D/616/7074 Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Work Environment

L/618/7014 Diagnose and Determine Faults in Mechanical Equipment

R/618/7015 Carry Out Maintenance on Mechanical Equipment

Y/618/7016 General Fabrication and Welding Applications

T/616/7078 Inspect and Carry Out Maintenance on Compressed Air Systems

T/616/7081 Inspect and Carry Out Maintenance on Hydraulic Systems and Components

A/616/7082 Cut Materials Using Saws and Abrasive Discs

F/616/7083 Slinging, Lifting and Moving Materials and Components

For more information about offering this qualification, please emailĀ vqadmin@mpawards.co.uk