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10 Years at MPQC: Ruth Swaby

Posted by: Isaac Azim

Estimated Read Time: 6 mins

Posted 26.11.20
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To celebrate a milestone achievement of ten years at MPQC, we asked Ruth ten questions about her time spent within the business!

1. How did you find out about MPQC? What made you want to apply for a role within the business?

I had been made redundant and was doing a temporary position as a Personal Assistant to two Professors at the University of Nottingham, the job involved booking in students for one to one sessions, organising travel and accommodation in Europe and arranging meetings at the University, I really wanted permanent employment.

The job as administrator for an Awarding Organisation (MPQC) was advertised on a job search site. I was contacted a couple of days later to say that they were very impressed with my application and would like to interview me for the position. I attended the interview, where at the time, the business was situated in an attic!

I really liked the feel of the people I met and I was highly interested in the job (especially as it was City Centre based) and they hired me, Yippee!

2. What did your role involve prior to joining MPQC? Was there any similarities in your previous role compared to your first role at MPQC?

I have worked in Education since 1987 as an administrator within a National Training Provider, which focused on Government Funding training for Adults and Young people, so I understood the terminology used.

I trained as an Adult Learner Tutor, Assessor and Internal Verifier during my time with the company, along with the admin for the company. When they restructured the company, they asked me to take on the admin role full-time, with additional duties of looking after another branch of the company, by doing their budgeting as well as their admin duties.

3. What does your current role of involve?

Currently, due to Covid-19 pandemic I am covering a role I did over 7 years ago. It has been a learning curve getting to grips with the way it now operates. It has also been very busy since returning to work, but my main role still surrounds administration for the Vocational Qualifications side of MP Awards. I also deal with day-to-day enquires and offer support where I can.

4. Have you been in multiple different roles at MPQC over the years? If so, how have they differed?

When I started at MPQC, I was a general administrator. I was involved in all of the products and services that the business offered at the time. It was then decided that MPQC would be split into two divisions. MP Awards became the awarding and regulated side of the business. I took on the administration duties relating to Vocational Qualifications and Regulated Qualifications.

5. Over the years, the dynamic and structure of MPQC has changed substantially, such as MPQC moving locations, the team expanding, and the way that MPQC operates compared to ten years ago. What’s your approach to adapting to these changes?

MPQC was rapidly expanding as a business, our premise in the city centre was soon becoming crowded. The office team were informed that the business would be moving to Chilwell, where we occupied the upper floor of a shared building. However, within two years of being in Chilwell, MPQC grew again!

The business moved to our current premise in Eastwood. When I saw the size of the building, I knew we would be staying in this location for quite some time.

6. What challenges have you faced within the last ten years? Do have any advice you’d give for someone overcoming their own challenges?

Every day brings its own challenges, even if I tried to plan my work for the day, it can change in an instant. Anyone coming into the business should feel motivated within their role, so that they care and love the job they do with a passion.

7. If you could go back in time ten years ago, is there anything you’d do differently?

Yes, I would learn to say ‘No, not now!’, as I am always trying to do everything at once! I have learned that this is not possible, so now I say, ‘Yes, I will be able to do it after I have finished this task first’.

8. What has been your favourite teambuilding or Christmas party event, what made it memorable?

I love the team building events as I am a team sport player / spectator for netball, tennis, cricket, and football. I think it has to be the year that the team went to Laser Quest. I thought I did really well shooting everyone, until I received my score and realised I was last in my group.

I also enjoyed the escape rooms, the activity really made us think as a group and come together to achieve the outcome that we did to escape.

9. Why do you think that MPQC still remains relevant ten years later?

MPQC is for the industry, who continue still have sites that need training, VQs and card assessments to prove their competency. As a business, we strive to provide the services that benefit the extractive sector.

10. Do you have a favourite memory that stands out within the last ten years of working at MPQC?

It would definitely have to be climbing out of the window in Regent Street to the fire escape, as this was our evacuation route. Another close favourite was having Roseanne Hayward sitting opposite me at my desk, with a box as a desk to work from, along with Trish Jagger sitting on her mushroom!

From all the staff at MPQC,

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment over the years Ruth.

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