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Contractor Safety Passport Scheme

MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport Scheme

The Contractor Safety Passport Scheme is jointly run between MPQC and the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) through Licensed Training Providers and Approved Trainers. MPQC provides quality assurance for the sector specific courses to ensure a high level of training is maintained and that there is a consistent approach to delivery.


Step 1 - Acquiring an MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport

Initially, Contractors must attend a 2 day course which covers health and safety awareness along with industry specific areas raising awareness of hazards and topics within the sector. Once a Contactor successfully complete the course they will receive a MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport is valid for 3 years. All passports are issued by the SPA.

Step 2 - Renewing an MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport

To renew a Contractor Safety Passport Contractors must attend a 1 day Renewal or Refresher course. This renews the Passport for a further 3 years.

Please note that Contractors wishing to renew their Passports are advised to ensure they allow sufficient time (6 months) to book onto a renewal course prior to the expiry of their Passport. Once the Passport has expired the Contractor will be required to do the full 2 day course again i.e. there is no grace period under this Scheme. The original anniversary date of the Passport will be retained up to 6 months prior to its expiry if a course is completed within this time.

Further Information

Both part and full exemptions to the Scheme are available. Further details on these can be found by visiting the SPA website:  http://www.safetypassports.co.uk/exemptions/

If you would like to find out more or to register a place on forthcoming courses please visit the SPA website: www.safetypassports.co.uk

Download our handy flowchart to see how you can renew your Contractor Safety Passport.

Alternatively, for further information on the MPQC/SPA Contractor Safety Passport Scheme, please contact Zoe Starbuck on 0115 972 6121 or zoe.starbuck@mpawards.co.uk